There are confirmed sightings of 363 bird species on Prince Edward Island. Each of these species has its own FULL PROFILE PAGE on this website, with photos, many references and relevant links TAXONOMIC LIST, BIRDS OF PEI   PEI BIRD INDEX, ENGLISH NAMES Prince Edward Island is also located on the migratory corridor of many bird species. Some birds migrate completely out of their summer range, others migrate partly from the northern part of their summer range to the southern part. Other birds are permanent residents, and even this number can vary over the years, depending on the severity of the winter, which would understandably make sources of food harder to find. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thank you to the following contributors who gave permission to publish their photos on this website: Jodi Arsenault, Matt Beardsley, Lynne Bradley, Don Jardine, Michele Lawlor, Brett MacKinnon, Don McLelland, Barry Murray, Roberta Palmer, Helen Power-Lewis, John Read, Chris Rice, Marie and R